OpenWRT and Tp-Link TL-MR3020

I had a plan in mind, to built an ultra portable , light and versatile hacking / pentest box , and the challenge was that it all should run on an “ultra-cheap” of the shelf external battery, for as long as possible .

After spending 100+ hours in research and build , i managed to do exactly what i wanted, and more importantly how i wanted it .

This article is a guide in doing something similar, if one wants and has the patience to build.

The initial plan seemed simple enough : Buy the TL-MR3020 wireless 3g router , install OpenWRT, configure “extroot” storage and configure 3g modem to have remote access / internet connection backup .

However, things did not go as easy. I have encountered a great deal of difficulties, both hardware and software .

I’m going to explain in detail how i dealt with each obstacle , to obtain exactly what i wanted .




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